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~*~A Life Worth Living~*~

Cheese is not for wearing =P

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5 October
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Hey this is me! and if you don't know who i am, you can't read my journal!
well just to let ya know...i play flute...i want to be a music teacher...and yeah thats about it.
i like rock and stuff...
i like going to concerts and acting like a crazy person with my peeps.
YAY for sidewalk chalk! o yeah its a goose crossing in the middle of the road! and a poorly drawn cuddles from happy tree friends in my driveway!!
anywho...my friends are da bomb! and yeah they kewl
i love my kittie she is soft and fluffy and full of life...
uhhh...yeah. enjoy! hope you took a BIG bite out of my life and let my sinews hang everywhere!
welps...peace out my homies! *mwah*

(awww don't you feel bad for the fetus? I LOVE YOU!!!)

I adopted a cute lil' emo fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!